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2020 Graduate Success!

Updated: May 7, 2021

This post is lonngggg over due, but one we're super happy to share with you all!

Our amazing 2020 leavers left us just before the summer (with their graduation set for later this year), and we're so pleased to tell everyone that the majority of this year group are now working in the industry, and employed in workshops and companies around the country! How amazing is that?! Even with a Covid lockdown, changes to their Final Major Projects and online lectures, they really pushed forward and found a way to make this work for them, and the results speak for themselves!

Sophie Parry started her career with a weeks work placement at Clockwork Frog, based in Manchester. This progressed into a trainee level position with the company, and after this, she went on to work on a big secret project in London.. Here's a bit of what Sophie had to say about leaving the course and starting her venture into the industry.

'Its been especially difficult because of the unpredictability of Covid. But if I've learnt anything, its that you need just that one in - once you get there make... sure they don't want to let you leave!

The SFX course at University of Bolton has helped me beyond belief and set me up so well for what is expected within the industry. I went from having absolutely no experience in anything SFX (having come from a fine art background), to being able to make amazing things. It has honestly been the best thing I've ever done.

The course has allowed me to explore every aspect of SFX and choose the path I wanted to go down to refine my skills. The quality of teaching is outstanding and the people are amazing.'

I believe it is the best degree course you can take to go into the Special Effects field!

Skye Iverson is another success story! She hit the ground running after leaving the course, and started work experience at Inovus, a ground-breaking, multi-award winning medical simulation company based in St Helens. After her work experience, she stayed on at the company and has recently taken on a longer full-time contract!

"I started off at Inovus doing some work experience for several weeks working in their silicone room. Inovus create medical simulations for trainee doctors and I was helping create their models for use in their sims. Their team is super friendly and I was immediately accepted into the community there. Coming from University of Bolton into Inovus, I was already very confident in silicone running and understood the materials I was using and why these were being used. My knowledge of 3D printing and CAD that I had expanded at university has also been helpful in understanding the process of how the simulations are made.

Over all, the Special Effects course at Bolton has definitely put me in good footing for going straight into a job, and i am currently on a two month contract working for Inovus!"

These are just two of our amazing 2020 graduates that have quickly found their way into the Industry, and we really couldn't be prouder of everyone's success. Well done to all of them for their success, both on our course and in their careers! We're super proud of you all for your achievements and can't wait to see all the amazing stuff you get up to next!


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