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2021 Graduation!

Our 2021 graduation ceremonies took place last week on campus, and we were so proud to see all our students in their cap and gowns!

This years celebrations took place a little differently, but along with our 2021 leavers making their way across the stage, our 2020 leavers did too! Finally, after a year of waiting, Covid allowed them to get all dressed up and come back to Bolton for their ceremony. We couldn't be happier to see all the old gang back together! We got to hang out and catch up on what's being going on since they left us, so watch this space... a Graduate Q&A blog post is coming soon, along with a video interview. Our very own, Rik and Jack.... sorry the Mandalorian and a Stormtrooper, also got to get gowned up for the occasion. Looking pretty smart guys!

Congratulations to all of last weeks graduates. We can't wait to see you all soon and watch what you get up to in the big wide world of SFX!


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