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Battles with Bits of Rubber!

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Mid November 2021, we had two very exciting visitors! Creators of FX podcast Battles with Bits of Rubber, Stuart Bray and Todd Debreceni headed up north after The Prosthetics Event!!

Photo Credit - Battles with Bits of Rubber

We were lucky enough to have Stu and Todd with us for two days across the Centre for Film FX department, getting the chance to see some demos, chat about industry and also recording some podcasts.

Episode #80 – Bolton Part 1 ( looks at how VFX incorporates into the practical industry and Episode #81 – Bolton Part 2 – Self-Confidence ( is all about self confidence and working as an FX artist. Go check them out on the links above and read up about what the guys had to say about the days.

Photo Credit - Battles with Bits of Rubber

Thanks again to Stuart and Todd for visiting, we can't wait for next time!


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