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Chris Goodman - Guest Lecture

Updated: May 7, 2021

The penultimate day of the week saw both Stuart Conran and Chris Goodman grace our screens! Here's the lowdown on how the day went.

Next on the agenda... Millennium FX's in house designer and Z Brush Guru, Chris Goodman

Chris's amazing work with digital concepting and 3D Sculpting has lead him to work on some amazing projects, including Doctor Who, Red Dwarf, The Forest, and Watchmen!

One look at his work and you can see why we're so excited to have him with us. I mean... just check out this sculpt!

Chris has joined us a few times for our industry weeks, usually giving a great talk on his career in character and creature concept work, along with digital sculpting advice and handy techniques. But this time round he taught a masterclass, taking us from the very start of a Zbrush sculpt through to texturing, and even how to style the final sculpture ready for presentation to their deadlines, or clients in the not to distant future. Here's what Chris had to said about the session!

' I really enjoyed doing the class as I like to teach as much as I can. Going into it, I tried to focus on the elements that I thought were most important when trying to learn Zbrush and get good at it. Of course, teaching the key features of the app is the first step but I also wanted to focus on how an understanding of anatomy is just as important and how it relates to clay sculpting. I was also impressed by the quality of the questions that I got, people seemed to be genuinely engaged with it. My responses to those questions focused on demystifying the overall workflow of the program, i.e when to subdivide, when to Dynamesh etc. These seem to be common concerns from people who are just getting into the program. From my perspective I think it's great that there are courses like yours that cover both the practical elements of FX and the digital. Two mediums are increasingly working in tandem and having a solid understanding of both will make your students much more employable.'

You can find Chris on Instagram and his website.


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