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Countdown to Industry Week!

It's almost one of our favourite times of the year! Mid way through each semester, we have our much awaited Industry Week for our students, and we CANNOT WAIT for this year.

We love connecting our students with Industry professionals and getting them used to networking before they head out into industry themselves. Having Industry be such a driving force in our course and the way we run things is super important to us, and we always get such awesome feedback from our students and the speakers alike.


Flashback to 2020 and early 2021!

Here's what a student had to say earlier in the year!

"I really enjoyed the Industry talks. Being in my final year of university, it was a fantastic opportunity to see what field of this of the industry I’d like to go into. The guest speakers, which are some of the biggest names in the industry, were such lovely and informative people!"

We're so excited to announce who we have with us this year, so keep a look out in a week for a full list of the amazing pros we have coming in!


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