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Creature Creating with the Second Years!

This year for their Advanced Realisation module, second years have been tasked with designing a character or creature, and then sculpting this in 1:2 scale. They'll then move onto moulding and casting the piece (hello first bit of silicone work!), adding costume and animatronic mechs in the second half of the semester for another module they're taking.

Check out the Neill Gorton classroom that's back in action this year!!

This year we've got some great ideas being created, and at three weeks in, we're starting to prepare for mould making. Here's a look at what they're up too!

This kind of module, with all the processes, techniques and materials being used it what makes our course perfect for anyone hoping to start a career in special effects, but hey, we're biased. So don't just take our word for it, lets hear from a current second year and see what they think.

"I love how much more freedom we have this year, not just with the space but with our designs too. It's nice to be sat with everyone, we can all help each other out and's great. And there's a whole other classroom we can use now which is a cool little change if scenery too!" - Joshua Glynn And here's another one!

"Getting into the workshop after a year of primarily Zooms has been exciting. Working alongside my tutors and fellow students has helped myself grow more as a sculptor and it's always interesting to watch those around you work on their own projects and get feedback from one another. The environment is a hive mind of creativity and I found myself enjoying sculpting and creating much more."- Maria Clerkin

We're thrilled to be getting feedback like this, and are super happy that students are excited and feeling motivated for their second year with us. Good job team, we can't wait to show off your final creatures when they're ready!



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