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Goodbye Prosthetics Magazine!

We are gutted to hear to announcement that issue 23 of the Prosthetics magazine was the final one. The mag debuted in 2015 (along with a few free issues prior to this which are surprisingly hard to track down!) and published 23 incredible magazines over the past 7 years. Having something dedicated to our weird and wonderful corner of the industry was amazing. This was the kind of magazine that we all wish was available when we were just starting out on our SFX and Prosthetic careers! They've been a staple in our studio since their launch, and we've always loved the exciting day when the newest issue got sent through the post for us to check out.

We're honoured that we got to advertise our courses in so many issues! Displaying our students work, and our course, proudly on those pages meant so much to us.

Massive thanks to Neil Gorton and all his team that made every issue possible. They'll certainly be missed by us, our students and the whole Special Makeup FX community world wide!

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