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Gorton Studio Summer School

Updated: May 7, 2021

This year we played host to the Gorton Studios Summer school. Gorton Studios is one of the leaders in private education for FX it was an honor to host this brilliant section of their provision.

The 5-day private course for 14-18 year olds was held in our very own Centre for Film FX ; where staff from the SMUFX and SFX degrees' specialist teaching in prosthetics, creature creation and makeup FX has made it one of the most popular places to study the FX in the UK.

These fun courses are are the perfect introduction to screen prosthetics and creature creation – you’ll create casualty effects like wounds, scars and bullet hits, generate blood splatters and oozes for gore gags, and experience the whole process of making an original prosthetic by designing, sculpting, moulding, casting and painting your own creature mask. These are core techniques used in movie FX workshops every day and will give you a solid foundation to build your skills on.

We had a blast teaching these courses and were blown away by the leve of skill and talent coming through from the kids.


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