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Donald Mowat - Guest Lecture

Updated: May 7, 2021

Three guest speakers joined us on Tuesday for a jammed packed day of talks, story telling and amazing insider advice!

Last up on Tuesday was Donald Mowat, renowned and sought-after makeup artist within the industry! Donald's past work is full of big name credits, including Spider Man: Far From Home, Blade Runner 2049, James Bond Franchise and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo... his IMDB page something of wonder, so please go check out other credits his has under his won't be disappointed!

During his time with us, Donald spoke in depth about his career and experience in the industry., as well as was he expects of his employees while they're with him. Students also got to hear first hand advice on gaining experience and how to get their foot in the door. Conversations like this with industry professionals is vital to our students. Getting that bit of support and information from people currently working in the industry is a driving force for them to get focused and motivated.

Donald's work can be found on his IMDB page, as well as his website. Stay tuned for a look at what Wednesday had to offer!


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