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Ian Morse - Guest Lecture

Updated: May 7, 2021

Monday afternoons session was hosted by Ian Morse, another industry veteran. His credits include Little Shop of Horrors, Hellboy II, Aliens, War Horse and 28 Days Later!

During the talk, Ian walked us through some of the biggest jobs he's worked on, giving our students a behind-the-scenes look at a career in the SFX industry. The amazing thing about Ian's career is the incredible span of skills he's got and departments he's worked in, showing our students that they really can try their hand at all kinds of jobs within the industry. (A personal favourite bit was hearing about Little Shop! Such an awesome behind the scenes look at that incredible bit of puppeteering and SFX wizardry!)

Here's a little of what Ian had to say about his talk, our our students

'"The questions were all very smart , and quite a few students befriended me afterwards on social media. One contacted me and asked me for help with some blood bladders she is making, so that was all very rewarding."

Ian also went on to say that he's just worked with a few of our graduates on a project! It's great to know our students are working with some of the people we're bringing into to deliver guest lectures!

You can check out Ian's IMDB page on this link.


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