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Kate Benton - Guest Lecture

Updated: May 7, 2021

Our final day of Industry week saw two amazing FX woman grace our screens! Kate Walshe and Kate Benton (wow, that name is popular around here!)

The final talk of the week was with Kate Benton, renowned makeup artist. Kate has worked on Mars, Intergalatic and The Last Kingdom.

Kate's talk with us focused on Covid-19 and the impact it's currently having to on set life. In this age, and under current restrictions, many things about this job role changed, including the way departments are managed and run, as well the actual art of application. From her experience over the last 7 months, she's noticed an big increased demand for trainees in the field...which we're sure has lifted a big weight off our students minds.

Kate's work can be found on her IMDB page, along with her website!

Massive thank you to our final speakers of the week, and a big round of (virtual) applause to everyone who took part (including the amazing staff on both SMUFX and SFX courses at University of Bolton who got this up and running). See you next time folks!


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