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Neill Gorton - Guest Lecture

Updated: May 7, 2021

First up on Tuesday was our visiting Prof Neill Gorton, Chief Executive and founder of Millennium FX. Neill's work includes Doctor Who, Tracey Ullman's Show, Red Dwarf and Critical. Along with Millenium FX, Neill work includes running Gorton Studios, hosting the industry renowned 'The Prosthetics Event' and publishing 'The Prosthetics Magazine'... oh and he also runs a SFX related supplies company Neill's Materials...jeez, when does this guy sleep?!

We've had the pleasure of working with Neill for over 6 years now (we even have a classroom named in his honour). This weeks talk with Neill gave our students a chance to ask questions about the industry, get feedback on their ideas, and we spoke in great detail about the advancement of technology in the SFX industry and how digital sculpting and 3D printing in the Covid-age is really helping to keep projects on track.

It's always a pleasure to have Neill with us for a talk or demonstration, and this one was a must see for our students.

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