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Student Led Teaching Awards 2019/20

Updated: May 7, 2021

Two members of the SFX team have been nominated for the Student Led Teacing Awards, which are run by the Students union. This comes on the back of wins in 2018/19 and 2017/18 for Claire Minehane and Richard McEvoy-Crompton respectively.

The student led teaching awards mean so much to the staff as they're the direct result of the feelings of our students. Simply being nominated is an honour. So thanks for the noms you beautiful, brilliant people.

This year, in her first year as a member of the team, our new technical support staff Kate Bagshaw has (in this writer's humble opinion) rightly been nominated in the Outstanding Technical Support category. The students have been blessed with her knowledge and experience since she joined the gang in October and have made their opinions well and truly known. Well done Kate!

There are a few colleagues from the Centre for Film FX included this year including the wonderful, Edwin Priest and Jess Barba from our Special Makeup Effects Degree (SMUFX). Both nominated in the Oustanding Lecturer category. GG guys.

In other news Programme leader Richard McEvoy-Crompton is nominated in the Oustanding Lecturer category but he's got some tough competition (see above) so isn't holding his breath.

Here's a link to the AWARD CEREMONY in case you want to tune in live to jeer... Cheer the team on:

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