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Under the sea! Under the seaaa!

We were blown away by some of the latest submissions from our third years students and just had to start showing you some of the final footage!

For Major Project this year, Maddie Marsh created this Coral-infested sea creature, taking the project from initial concept designs through to final finishing touches like individually punched eyelashes. For this piece, she worked from a life cast of herself, sculpting the coral details by hand, and then progressed into moulding, making cores, casting in silicone and building the eye mechanism to bring the final piece to life. This piece was designed to be used for a Stop Motion animation, and as you can see in the final video below, it's all done using an old school rod-puppetry technique! We love seeing the way our students incorporate all their knowledge and skills into their Major Project, something Maddie really excelled at with this project. Watching them employ the techniques and processes they've learnt during their 3 years with us, seeing them problem-solve, figure out solutions and get to their desired outcome is all part of the fun as staff on the course, and it's really amazing to watch.

Check out her awesome footage and see why we're so excited!

Video shot and edited by Prickly Peach Films.

We had some fantastic submissions this year that we can't wait to show them off to everyone, so sign up to our newsletter for blog updates!


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