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What the INDUSTRY thinks about us

Chris Goodman

Doctor Who, The Witcher, The Titan

From my perspective, I think it's great that there are courses like yours that cover both the practical elements of FX and the digital. Two mediums are increasingly working in tandem and having a solid understanding of both will make your students much more employable.

Concept Artist/3D Sculptor

Neill Gorton

Doctor Who, Watchmen, Red Dwarf

The Special Effects for Film and TV degree course is second to none. More and more I’m seeing Bolton graduates securing jobs in the film and television industries and that’s entirely down to the quality of the education, the facilities and the guidance they get from Bolton.

Co-Founder of Millennium FX

Don Lanning

Hellboy, Star Trek: Beyond

My name is Don Lanning, I have had the great fortune and privilege to work as a character designer & sculptor in Hollywood for many years.
Neill Gorton legendary FX artist & friend recommended that I visit and teach with his friends at Bolton Uni ... while there i understood why Neill was proud of bolton and its programs and faculty.
The facilities are state of the art, and the teachers are professionals in love with the craft of dream making... I witnessed behind the scenes; teachers in collaborative working and building the very best lessons possible, to give each student something durable, something real to put in play today:
A knowledge and foundation with which to go and enjoy art as a career, lifestyle, as an artist creating art!

Makeup Effects Sculptor

Kristyan Mallet

Artemis Fowl, Justice League, Harry Potter

The facilities here are amazing, I wish parts of my studio were as big as the one here. What’s nice to see is the first year students interacting with the second and third years. They’ve asked great questions and come up with exciting ideas. I’m here to make new friends and potential future colleagues

Founder of KMFX

Kenny Myers

X-Men: The Last Stand, Ready Player One, Teen Wolf

Your students showed a highly polished and professional portfolio of work.

Special Effects Makeup Artist

Kate Walshe

Watchmen, Luther, Slaughterhouse Rulez

The University of Bolton SFX for Film and TV dept. is literally world class. I always get so excited to see projects made by the students there. It’s the perfect environment for creating the next generation of artists - incredible facilities and a team of skilled and passionate staff really do make it one of the best institutes to study SFX. As a result, it’s a course I recommend a lot to fledgling artists curious about their next steps towards a career.

Co-Director of Millennium FX

Richard Martin

Doctor Who, Dracula, The Forrest

The course seems well placed to offer students a foundation in various areas relevant to the Special Effects industry. The facilities are excellent and having visiting industry professionals ensures their content is upto date and relevant.

Special Effects Makeup Artist

Stuart Bray

Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Dracula

It’s an honour and a privilege to be able to work alongside the enthusiastic students at Bolton. To have a group of like-minded artists all working towards the same goals, discovering new techniques and breaking down previous limitations is always an exciting exchange. There is something unique at Bolton, and the tutors share the enthusiasm of the students. It’s a palpable hive of creativity and I always look forward to visiting.

Special Makeup Effects Artist

Georgina Gunner

Harry Potter, Darkest Hour, Paddington 2

The most enjoyable costumes are the ones that you as a maker take from start to finish; this course allows the student to do that without having to source someone with the skills in another practice.

Wardrobe Supervisor

What our STUDENTS think about us

Emily McGrory

3rd Year Undergraduate

Compared to some of my friends that go to other universities, I think we've got the most accessible staff in the world!

Maria Clerkin

1st Year Undergraduate

As a student that had near to no experience with the special effects industry, I was certainly thrown right into the deep-end, but the tutors have essentially been my buoy. They've helped me learn so much in the first year, had patience and understanding when I was finding things difficult, and have all given me amazing advice which have helped me create what I have this year. As with anything, there are stressful parts, highs and lows, but everyone is very understanding. There is a range of talented students where we can learn from each others work, ask questions on certain methods and potentially try them out for future projects. It's certainly a productive and hardworking team from both students and tutors, and I'm happy to be apart of it for the amount of time that I have here.

Rebecca Albrecht

Graduated 2019

The University of Bolton’s Special Effects course is fantastic way to explore new creative skills to an industry standard. I have especially enjoyed being able to pick my own projects and really tailor the brief to my needs; allowing me to explore everything from 3D modelling, sculpting and 3D printing to creating snap moulds for makeup prosthetics. It’s also great to have access to a variety of staff with industry knowledge on hand, to really help make your projects next level and ready for your graduating portfolio.

Trisha Bielby

Graduated 2019

This course has allowed me to explore my options and pursue my desired career path – at the start of the course, I had planned to pursue a career in SFX Makeup, but after a series of modules that allowed me to explore my options and try new things, I discovered a love of Prop Making. The lecturing team have helped to support and guide me in this decision, and the resources available have allowed me to hone my craft. I’m now excited to embark upon a career as an SFX Prop Maker/Fabricator after I graduate.

Skye Iversen

Graduated 2020

This course has been a phenomenal experience over the last 2 and a half years. The range of skill on the sfx course has been especially fantastic giving me the techniques needed for me to pursue a career in the field I’m so passionate about. This course has become family to me and that’s what drives me to come in everyday and drive to be my best. The studio is an amazing place where anyone is willing to help and you are ready to jump in if someone needs your help in return. The lecturers are dedicated, knowledgeable and always available to answer questions or help you out.

Hollie Ferguson-Pratt

Graduated 2020

I’ve really enjoyed my three years at uni here, learning all these new skills to be able to take into the industry has been amazing. The staff and the students became a second family and were, and are still, incredibly supportive of each other.

The university was incredibly supportive towards us students who were affected in the cube fire, organising donation stations and proving food for us all. For that I will be forever thankful of everyone involved.

Lex Nethery-Walker

2nd Year Undergraduate

The Film FX courses are a credit to the university. Lecturers are genuinely enthusiastic about their varied subjects, which translates into an unwavering dedication to their students that surpasses the 'norm'. As students, we have a rare opportunity to take control of our own learning- there is no skill that can't be acquired and shared in some way.

The management of materials and teaching time is generous, yet fair, giving us a unique environment to learn, practise, and prepare for our careers, without the fear that usually comes with making mistakes. The amount of support and encouragement is honestly staggering, and as a student body, we're extremely lucky to have it.

Those of us who struggle with nerves and other difficulties are met with understanding, patience, and kindness by all members of staff- an approach that is so, so unique, and for which many of us are extremely grateful.

Joshua Glynn

1st Year Undergraduate

Focusing on character, costume and creature effects opens up such a wide range of possibilities for new skills to be learnt and puts you square in the sights of most industry professionals. The course really equips you with the tool set to be able to go in most any direction, allowing you to follow your chosen path without being stuck to it. Being a generalist gives many more opportunities to slot into whichever space is available in the industry at any time.

Millie McMullen

2nd Year Undergraduate

I would like to say that in these very difficult, daunting and some what scary times the staff of the SFX course have been nothing short of brilliant. In a very short amount of time they have turned an uncertain time into one of structure and understanding. They have organised interesting content on both academic and practical matters, whilst still taking time to talk to us one on one about projects that are on going and also making sure that we feel ok within our self’s. From what they are doing I feel an immense amount of support, both with projects and emotionally. We know that they care and are passionate about what they do and I can’t thank them enough.

Lizzi Moseley

Graduated 2020

Overall I couldn't ask for a better course to be on, studying SFX at Bolton has allowed me to push myself and my skillset so much, the knowledge that I've gained in the 3 years I've been here has been incredible! I genuinely feel as though I might just be prepared enough to go into industry! 

The facilities we have here are phenomenal and being able to have such an incredible studio space to work in is so amazing! The studio genuinely feels like a home away from home. 

The sense of community that we have in the SFX gang, between students and lecturers is something I will never forget. I think that the family that we have here not only makes the atmosphere in the studio brilliant, but it also allows us to share so much more knowledge, as we're all helping each other to become better.

Thanks for making this course so ace.

Oscar Owen

1st Year Undergraduate

An acknowledgement of my experience so far as a first year student on the Special Effects for Film and Television course.

From the first week, I've been met with enthusiasm from all staff, clearly excited to show off the work they've done towards making this course amazing. My initial anxiety to be in an unknown, novel environment soon melted and morphed into the same excitement I could feel from the lecturers as their passions shone through and brushed off on me. There has yet to be a day where I don't look forward to coming in and discovering what's next on this adventure into the vast SFX universe.

The course is covering all the basic groundwork that as a hobbyist I missed out on and I'm grateful to be building the foundations of a sound understanding of the practices I'm learning. Clear examples are being set and I feel encouraged to develop upon them by offering my own ideas and have them criticised in the best possible way. For all my years of previous, bad education, this feels like it's finally something bright and brilliant - always engaging and leaving me eager for more as opposed to the slog I've seen elsewhere, surrounded by walls and restriction.

All team members across the school of Film FX are approachable, encouraging, inspiring and knowledgeable. The fact that there's an open door to the lecturers if ever you need them is golden. Despite their busy schedules, it always feels as though they can find time for you, no matter how minor the query. I find myself spending as much time on campus as possible, amongst students of other years who clearly enjoy being here as much as myself and openly share their understanding and insight.

Poppy Twigger

Graduated 2019

The course has great facilities, across makeup, special and visual effects. The visits and advice from industry professionals are really beneficial to learning and progressing. The structure of the course mimics an industry environment so prepares the students for going into the industry.

Lauren Fry

Graduated 2019

Studying SVFX at Bolton helped me realise exactly what I wanted to do with my future and discover where my true talents lie. The diversity of the projects allows artists to experiment and find which discipline works best for them.
I am now taking steps to pursue a career as a special effects makeup artist and with the support of the teaching staff I am able to steer my education in a direction that works best for me.

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