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MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSITY! (see what I did there?)

Updated: May 7, 2021

We've only gone and bloomin' done it. Oh yes friend, your favourite group of Film FX undergraduate degrees now have a proper bonafide Masters degree up and running.

"I couldn't think of a finer place to study a Film FX masters" - Stuart Bray

Not content with running some of the best degree programmes in Film FX that this country has to offer we are now going to be kicking butt in the world of postgraduate studies. we simply could not be prouder of the course we've put together. You can go have a look at the details on the official University of Bolton website here:

or directly via UCAS here:

"As our industry continues to grow and evolve the demand for skilled artists is high. While those graduating with a BA have a great value there's still a demand for graduates who have expanded on their skills and knowledge and who can be fast-tracked further and faster on entering the industry. More students coming through with MA’s would certainly help fill the skills gaps we're seeing." - Neill Gorton

If you've any questions about this or any other of our programmes then please don't hesitate to give us a nudge. With the addition of the masters our Centre For Film FX really does have the power!... (See I did it again... Too much?... Yeah you're probably right... Sorry... Go look at the website though, yeah?)


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